RolePlay Rules

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RolePlay Rules

Post  Ladyknight on Mon Aug 10, 2009 1:41 am

RolePlaying Rules:
1. Don't Kill off other peoples characters or give your character an amazing super hero power unless the Original Poster gives them to you.
2. Wait to be accepted into a roleplay before starting.
3. If the Original Poster has certain rules in the RolePlay, you must follow them. If you have a problem either make your own RP or nicely PM them.
4. No adult-oriented posts.
5. Try and keep on topic, okay? If you want to post Out of Character please have something in your post that says you are.
6. Only control your Character. Don't do this. "I was walking through the forest and noticed Billy sitting on a rock. "Hi Billy!" I exclaimed. Billy looked up, suprised to see anyone here. "Oh, Hi Becca." That would be controlling somebody else's character.

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